Why I am running for Alderman of the 47th Ward

Dear Friends of the 47th Ward,

Having been born and raised in Chicago my entire life, I have a deep adoration and personal connection to Chicago’s communities, organizations and individuals that make the city thrive.

As the proud owner of Marmalade here in the North Center community, I have developed long lasting relationships with many of our neighbors, customers, employees, and friends.  Because of my ability to serve the members of this community, my family and I agree that the time has come for me to seek elected office to represent the 47th Ward by running for Alderman.

Our North Side communities are constantly being put in jeopardy for the benefit of a few individuals.  For years my previous occupation in the real estate industry required that I frequently negotiate with politicians and bureaucrats from city hall to reach resolutions that were in the best interest of the communities I was working in.  I always managed to get things done, a skill set that I plan to use to ensure that our ward’s best interests are always upheld.  I am ready to bring modern, yet traditional, ideologies to the Office of the 47th Ward as Alderman.

Another important issue is the repercussions from fiscal irresponsibility that our city and state are facing.  A government should run on the same financial principles that a business does, and my years as a business owner and employer will bring a valuable economic perspective to a group of career politicians. We need to find ways to ensure that Chicago’s financial problems do not affect the standard of living we have earned by being a responsible community.

My career in Chicago started as a tradesman where I worked as an electrician for 7 years.  To this day my family and I are deeply involved in the institutions that keep Chicago running; my brother Steve is a tradesman and member of Local 1 Carpenters, his wife Patty is a member of Local 1 Servers, my cousins Ben and Olivia and my sister Stella are all members of the Chicago Teacher’s Union.  Stella teaches at DeWitt Clinton Elementary where my 4 siblings and I all went to school, and Ben and Olivia teach at Amundsen High School where a number of the 47th Ward students attend.

For our campaign to be successful, it will require a strong grassroots organization, starting with us.  I have already appointed volunteer local outreach and social media committees, which are getting ready to spread awareness, establish the infrastructure necessary to be available to all future constituents, and maintain communication with you on all matters important to this election.

I cannot do this alone, that is why I am turning to those of you who know me best and inviting you to please get as personally involved in this campaign as possible.  Help me preserve our neighborhood’s future and make a real difference.

I sincerely thank you in advance for your encouragement and support.

Gus Katsafaros

Help me preserve our neighborhood’s future and make a real difference.

Please consider donating to our campaign.  Let’s win this together!

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