Taking on Global Warming from the ground up

Taking on Global Warming from the ground up

Taking on Global Warming from the ground up | A 47th Ward Climate and Energy Plan of Action


The urgency for action to address Climate Change is here and we must work together to avoid missing the window of opportunity to do the right thing while working for stronger environmental laws at all levels of government including our city council.

As alderman I will be committed to develop a 47th Ward Climate and Energy Action Plan that focuses on;

  • Promoting Climate Change Education in our schools
  • Providing easy guidelines to our residents on how to be proactive, and how to commit to conservation.
  • The need to strengthen partnerships among researchers, policymakers, practitioners and other city stakeholders on Climate Change.
  • The creation of an urban level plan of action to tackle Climate Change on issues like; water consumption, waste, recycling, renewable energy, and storm water collection.
  • Giving priority (via a Community Development Council) to efficient, sustainable, and carbon-free urban developments that also include affordable housing for the 47th Ward.
  • Assisting residents and small businesses in a transition or migration plan to help reduce energy demand.
  • Recognizing or Rewarding those high efficient, low-emission and small vehicles registered in the 47th
  • Identifying the 47th Ward as a Municipal Climate leader.

As your alderman I plan to implement common sense solutions that will make a difference in people’s lives, practical and cost efficient common sense solutions to help diminish our negative environmental impact on this planet.

Let’s do something about it, together!

Help me preserve our neighborhood’s future and make a real difference.

Please consider donating to our campaign.  Let’s win this together!

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