My vision for Education within the 47th Ward

My vision for Education within the 47th Ward


A strong K-12 program is imperative for a strong and safe 47th ward. I am committed to working closely with neighboring aldermen to ensure that our schools are safe and of the highest quality.

I am committed to leaving TIF money where it belongs – in the schools! TIF money should be used to strengthen our schools, their staffs and their programs and TIF money should be used to pay down our pension obligation.  I will also meet on a regular basis with the principals of the schools that serve the students of the 47th Ward to hear their thoughts and concerns.


My commitment to the 47th Ward Schools and Families

  • Funding of our schools by securing the proper allocation of TIF money into our schools and not to developers
  • Restore and reinvigorate neighborhood schools
  • Lobby for an elected school board
  • Hold CPS accountable
  • Revamp special education services program
  • Protect students from sexual abuse and assault
  • Expand mental health services in our schools and our community

Education should prepare our youth for real life, work and social responsibility. Our children are the future of the 47th ward and as alderman I plan to work with our community on multiple levels, to establish After School Educational Programs for our youth focused on developing not only the student’s intelligence but also their character.

Using schools as our hub, I plan to establish after school workshops and internship programs with our many small businesses and first responders.  I believe real world examples of business tenets and career choices will provide an essential tool from which our youth of our ward will only stand to benefit.

As 47th Ward Alderman I will implement a 5-point plan to develop After School Educational Programs that prepare our children to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

These programs are:

  • Small Businesses Apprenticeship: How to run a business.
  • “Play an Instrument” and Art Workshops: Music and art help to develop students’ creative side.
  • First Responders and Police Big Brother Mentorship: Character education that emphasizes honesty, responsibility, courage, and respect for others.
  • Learn a Trade or Skill: Working together with Unions and Schools to offer programs that will prepare students to seek immediate employment upon graduation.
  • Adult Continuing Education: I propose a Learn a New Skill Program that will partner with unions and local schools, and that will offer a variety of new skill set training programs for adults that were left behind by technology.

These initiatives will help to motivate kids to develop skill sets while providing an excellent alternative to crime.  I’ve already reached out to many of these entities and have detailed my vision for education within the 47th ward.  Thus far these efforts have been well received in our community and upon election I intend to see them through.  I have high hopes for what this added layers of learning will bring on top of well-funded and safe schools that are armed with strong curriculum.

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