Meet Gus Katsafaros



Gus Katsafaros will be an independent voice in City Hall with a history of fighting for his community and getting things done. Gus is a Chicago born tradesman and entrepreneur born in the 47th Ward and raised on Chicago’s North Side.  Before opening and operating one of North Center’s favorite restaurants, Marmalade, Gus served the community and the city by working as an electrician and later founding Capital Mortgage and Financial services, Capital Realty and Southside Realty, which provided responsible home loans and affordable housing for residents of Chicago.

As a child growing up, Gus learned the trades from his father who was a general contractor who immigrated to the United States from Greece with his mother to start their family, which went on to include four sons and one daughter, Gus being the oldest.  Gus graduated from Mather High School, graduated with a degree in electrical construction from Chicago’s famous Coyne American Institute, and was briefly an electrician tradesman before founding his real estate ventures.  Gus’s brother Steve is still a tradesman and member of Carpenters Local 1, his sister in law Patty is a member of Service Employees Local 1, his cousins Ben and Olivia, and his sister Stella are all members of the Chicago Teachers’ Union.  Stella teaches at DeWitt Clinton Elementary where Gus and his 4 siblings, 3 brothers and sister, all attended grammar school.  Ben and Olivia teach at Amundsen High School where a number of 47th Ward students attend.

While growing his real estate businesses, Gus gained tremendous experience dealing with local politicians and city officials to further the success of his projects while also ensuring the benefits to the communities he was serving.  After years of success in the real estate business, Gus decided to move on to his latest business venture as owner and operator of the popular Marmalade restaurant.  He loves working with people and serving customers and friends in the community.  Gus has been a frequent advocate and community figure in the 47th Ward, regularly sponsoring local events for Queen of Angels, North Park Elementary, Coonley Elementary, Waters Elementary School, Amundsen High School, Common Pantry, the “I Am Your Neighbor” fundraiser, CAPs meetings, North Center Chamber of Commerce, Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce, Heartland Alliance and virtually all local community events and organizations that benefit the business owners and residents of the 47th Ward.


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