Gus Top Issues & Priorities for the 47th Ward

Gus Top Issues & Priorities for the 47th Ward

Gus Top Issues & Priorities for the 47th Ward


I am committed to making the 47th Ward safe for all of our residents, neighborhood by neighborhood and block by block.

To build a safer ward we must have more community involvement and better a relationship with the police.  I will work hand in hand with the commanders by having weekly meetings with them and engage the beat officers. I will establish a direct line between the commanders and my office.

We must strengthen the Neighborhood Watch and build better relationships with the beat officers and business owners. I will raise awareness of the CAPS program and make it one of my priorities.


A strong K-12 program is imperative for a strong and safe 47th ward. I am committed to working closely with neighboring aldermen to ensure that our schools are safe and of the highest quality.

I am committed to leaving TIF money where it belongs – in the schools! TIF money should be used to strengthen our schools, their staffs and their programs and TIF money should be used to pay down our pension obligation.  I will also meet on a regular basis with the principals of the schools that serve the students of the 47th Ward to hear their thoughts and concerns.


Let me be clear I will NOT vote for any tax increase. Period.

Our neighbors and many long time residents of the 47th Ward are being taxed out of the city. Our residents and our businesses are being nickle and dimed to death.

I am committed to attracting more businesses to the 47th Ward to build our tax base and find ways to attract new revenue streams for the city that do not consist of relentless taxing.

Help me preserve our neighborhood’s future and make a real difference.

Please consider donating to our campaign.  Let’s win this together!

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