This is how Gus Katsafaros will deal with rising housing costs and decline of affordability

Average apartment rents and house prices have grown faster than incomes so we must:

1- Hold the Line on taxes. I am committed to voting NO on any tax hike.

2 – We must provide adequate assistance to residents to fight and to appeal their real estate taxes. Many residents don’t know that property taxes can be appealed. As alderman I will make sure that our residents have all the resources they need to get a fair assessment.

3 – We must promote responsible development in the 47th ward that guarantees affordable housing. As alderman I will establish a Community Development Council made up of local businesses and residents that will analyze new development permits and zoning to give priority to those developers that consider smart and affordable buildings and to guarantee affordable housing in our Ward.

4 – We must provide residents of the 47th Ward with well-paid options of employment. If we can’t earn living wages we simply can’t afford to pay rent or our mortgages. That is why I’m also focusing on an economic development plan for the 47th Ward that will bring well-paying jobs to our residents.

5 – I believe that the Tax Increment Financing or (TIF) Money should NOT go to developers that build luxury and unaffordable buildings in our ward. TIF money should be used for our schools, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects.

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Paid for by Friends of Gus Katsafaros