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Gus Katsafaros will be our independent voice in City Hall with a history of fighting for his community and getting things done.

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We should all have a chance to succeed, and for that we need jobs, great schools, safe neighborhoods, access to health care and lower taxes for all

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I have a deep adoration and personal connection to Chicago’s communities, organizations and individuals that make the city thrive.

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Our highest priorities
& principles

As a small business owner and long time resident of the 47th Ward, I am aware of the issues that are facing us.  Education, crime and taxes are among my top priorities and as your alderman I will have an open door policy to hear the needs and concerns of the residents of the 47th Ward.

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I cannot do this alone, that is why I am turning to those of you who know me best and inviting you to please get as personally involved in this campaign as possible.  Help me preserve our neighborhood’s future and make a real difference.

As the proud owner of Marmalade here in the North Center community, I have developed long lasting relationships with many of our neighbors, customers, employees, and friends.  Because of my ability to serve the members of this community, my family and I agree that the time has come for me to seek elected office to represent the 47th Ward by running for Alderman.

Within our campaign team, we have gathered the best people who stand behind their promise to recognize and protect the interests of the residents of the 47th Ward first.

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Help me preserve our neighborhood’s future and make a real difference.

Please consider donating to our campaign.  Let’s win this together!

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